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What is an IB School? 2013


San Diego High School of International Studies

Country: United States

IB region:
North America & the Caribbean

IB school code: 000352

This had been a IB diploma Programme since April 1985 and is taught in english, it is also avaible for female and male students.

The session exams are: Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Economics SL, English A: Literature HL, Film HL, French Ab. SL, French B HL, French B SL, History HL, History SL, Math.Studies SL, Mathematics SL, Physics HL, Spanish Ab. SL, Spanish B HL, Spanish B SL, Theory Knowl. TK and Visual Arts SL. Axams are usually taken in May, From students ages 16-19 years old.

PYP-Primary Years Programme

MYP-Middle Years Programme