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What is an IB School? 2013


San Diego High School of International Studies

Country: United States

IB region:
North America & the Caribbean

IB school code: 000352

This had been a IB diploma Programme since April 1985 and is taught in english, it is also avaible for female and male students.

The session exams are: Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Economics SL, English A: Literature HL, Film HL, French Ab. SL, French B HL, French B SL, History HL, History SL, Math.Studies SL, Mathematics SL, Physics HL, Spanish Ab. SL, Spanish B HL, Spanish B SL, Theory Knowl. TK and Visual Arts SL. Axams are usually taken in May, From students ages 16-19 years old.

PYP-Primary Years Programme

MYP-Middle Years Programme


My typing test score! 2013


Yay! Well not bad at least its not as easy as it looks i only had two mistakes im surprised and i was typing pretty fast. Heres a link so you can try it out for yourself and test your skills and trust me its really not that easy! TEST  well have fun and test yourself see if you can get a better score then i did!


My Favorite Social Media Site 2013


Facebook is my favorite social media site! Facebook gets over 750,000,000 monthy visitors!And its also know as the number one most popular social media.I like facebook because you can talk to your friends, and play fun games at the same time. Facebook was launched somtime in Febuary 2004. Facebook has over billions of active users!