What is Black Hat SEO?


Why is using Black Hat seo bad?

  • Breaks search engines regulations and rules
  • Makes it poor expirence for the user visiting your site
  • Keyword stuffing, it puts a long lists of keywords and little else on your site in order to make the search engine crawlers think your page is relevant.

   How will using this get me BANNED on google?

  • Designing your Web site so that search engines see ONE thing and visitors see totally different content is called cloaking…for example they are looking for a website about food, and insted they get a website about pigs they got tricked.This can get you banned from google for sure and maybe the worst thing you could do to google.
  • You cant copy and paste a large amount of information from your own pages or from anywhere else because that copyrighted, google bans sites that copy or duplicate too much and when yoou find somebody violateing you copyrighted website let google know.
  • Last thing is do not have a robot make or write your website, its worst to hae a machine write your content for you, there are websites that do the same thing but change things here and there.And if google see’s you doing this you can say bye to your page because googles getting rid of it.

White Hat Seo is the only way to go!


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