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10 Crome apps that you should get! 2013
































































What is an IB School? 2013


San Diego High School of International Studies

Country: United States

IB region:
North America & the Caribbean

IB school code: 000352

This had been a IB diploma Programme since April 1985 and is taught in english, it is also avaible for female and male students.

The session exams are: Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Economics SL, English A: Literature HL, Film HL, French Ab. SL, French B HL, French B SL, History HL, History SL, Math.Studies SL, Mathematics SL, Physics HL, Spanish Ab. SL, Spanish B HL, Spanish B SL, Theory Knowl. TK and Visual Arts SL. Axams are usually taken in May, From students ages 16-19 years old.

PYP-Primary Years Programme

MYP-Middle Years Programme

My krazy keys RDM mode 2013


Well for random mode this score is ok for me I guess, But if you want to try it for yourself heres the website! your goal will be to beat my score. Lets see if your fast enough! KEYS ok heres the link try to beat my score and have fun playing all the other modes! You can do it!!!Krazy

Technology Job in 2013


Information Technology Job Descriptions

  • Programmer: Writes and complies documentation for program development and subsequent revisions, coordinates and directs work of other to write, test, and modify computer programs. Also trains operators to use programs.
  • Company: Dimondale, MI

Average Salary of Jobs

In USD as of May 13, 2013 40k 80k 120k

Information Technology Programmer in Dimondale, MI

$71,000 High Confidence (more than 250 sources)

Information Technology Programmer Salary Trend