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Playing a video game using eye movements?


Electrodes are places all over your face so you can play NES with your eye movements? Only using your eyes. They used ‘left’ ‘right’ and ‘jump’ in a easy game which is the origional Super Mario Bros. using just and only your eyes! You can try this at home but do it at your own risk! (LINK) I just had to post this it was so strange! And diffrent I didnt know what to say, so I posted it. ENJOY. This will be important to improve the way we play video games.

A country that interests me is….


A country that intrests me is Fiji! Its super pretty and I think it might be a nice country to visit one day.

What is the largest city in fiji? Suva is the lagest city in fiji, Suva is a very popular place to visit and their library was built in 1909.

What is the capital of fiji? Suva is the capital of fiji and is located on the southeast coast of the island of Viti Levu.

How many visitors? Fiji receives up to 400,000 even 500,000 tours annually.

10 fun things to do in fiji!

1.Go Snorkeling!

2.Go kayaking!

3.Go bikeing!

4. Go swimming!

5. Go fishing!

6.Go diving!

7.Go shopping!

8.Go to lunch!

9.Go tanning!

10. Or just relax!

And that is why I would love to visit the beautiful country Fiji!!!