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At 18.578 seconds…..FAIL in random mode in the krazy keys typing game. This game is very fun to play and a big rush to go at your fastest, its goes by seconds and each time it gets faster then before!! Heres a link to play it its lots of fun!!!

Krazy Keys Click Here!


What do girls in middle school want to know? 2013


How to do a perfect fishbone hair braid

To learn how to do a fishbone braid click on the link that says VIDEO below! I think this kind of braid is very pretty and I reccomend trying it out! lots of fun!

Once done it should look somthing like this!!!


Fun typing games- Krazy Keys


Krazy Keys is a game where you have to type while you being timed, i think its a really fun game and it also a rush to do it so fast. If you click on game mode there are 5 diffrent modes to choose from! Theres Alphabetically, Alphabetically backwards, qwerty from Q to , another called DISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM, and there is random alphabet! Heres the link to krazy keys it a really fun game hope you enjoy it!!!!

How to make homemade icecream at home 2013


What you need:

Vanilla icecream

1: two plastic bags that you can reseal one large and the other small

2:1/2c milk

3:1 1/2- 2 tbsp sugar

4: 1/2 tbsp vinilla extract or 1 tbsp coco powder

5: 2 trays of ice

6: 6 tbsp salt!

7: And some nice winter gloves (if needed)

And here is a video of how!! And diffrent flavors you can have!


Brain games (Crime Scene)+Other fun games!


This brain game is a very mind challenging game, its based on memory. So you have to remember who was driving the car, its in black in white and the more you score the faster it shows the person in the car.They give you multiple people to choose from to see if you remember. Each time if you get it right it adds 10 points and if you lose then its -10 points.Click here to play the game! Its really fun here are some other fun brain games.

Games for the Brain


Lots of hard games!!! ENJOY